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How do I Register for a Webinar?
There are two easy ways to register:

1) By Phone

Contact: Katie Eakin
Phone: (330) 434-5194
Fax: (304) 434-9358
2) Online

Online Registration
coming soon!

Please email Deb Allen at to register

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What is a Webinar?
Webinars offer remote training opportunities directly available at your Home or Office. Using a computer wiith internet connection, you cna view live presentations and interact through live chat and audio.s

What can I expect from a FAMOUS UNIVERSITY® Webinar?
All of our Webinars are taught by one of our qualified FAMOUS UNIVERSITY® Instructors. Webinars will be presented through an interactive presentation accompanied by live audio and chat capabilities

How many of my company employees can participate in the webinar(s)?
An unlimited amount of company employees can participate on one single computer.

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